HS Precision Stocks


We offer CNC inletting for most aftermarket detachable magazine assemblies (Badger, AI, PT&G, Surgeon, etc.)
$95 If you purchase the stock from us
$125 For a customer supplied stock.
Wyatts magazine assembly's require no inletting.


HS Precision Pro-Series synthetic stocks feature the original aluminum (7075) bedding block chassis system designed by HS Precision in 1982. They use a proprietary hand laminated composite filled with a RIM urethane foam in all the Pro-Series stocks. HS Precision has built over 10,000 M-24 stocks for the US Army with zero warranty returns.


Every HS precision Pro-Seies stock starts with their aluminum bedding block system. Multiple layers or fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber are bonded with structural urethane foam which is machine mixed for reliable uniformity. Whether it is a sporter stock for the discerning hunter or a fully adjustable tactical stock, they all must meet HS Precision's rigorous standards for reliability.

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