Customer Testimonials

Good morning Red Hawk,

I just wanted to drop you a short line regarding the .270 WSM you put together for me. My wife and I went antelope hunting in Eastern Montana this season and both of us got our antelopes using that rifle. It worked great! My wife shot hers at 285 yards (one shot) and mine was 450 yards on a running antelope, also only one shot. The accuracy and handling was outstanding for both of us. After returning home (Yaack, Montana) I got a nice big white-tail buck at 120 yards, again with one shot. Thank you for all the work you put into my rifle and thanks to Les for his work-up of the loads for it. You can always tell a happy customer by the smiles on their faces.

Mike Owens
Dear Red Hawk,

Thanks for the great product. I have been exclusively bow hunting for the last 15+ years. We planned an Alaskan Caribou hunt and I wanted to have a good rifle with me. After receiving my rifle I returned back to my rifle hunting roots and began working up a load. Thanks to some new powder options I was able to get my best groupings all while achieving 3100 fps out of the 24" barrel...WOW. I sent out a 3.5 X 10 to Leopold with my detailed ballistics and they installed a custom reticle. Back to the proving ground I went where I was quickly and confidently pounding targets out to 500 yards and everywhere in between with this great setup. My new rifle setup was simple, light and fast. The plan was to only use it for backup or if there was an animal that we wanted that could not be pursued with the bow. Well long story short, it was a little slow on the tundra so both my tags were filled with the Red Hawk 300 WSM. I can say there was no disappointing and I returned home with a big smile of my face. Thanks for a great product with a great price. This balanced approach is in my opinion the best value out there. I don't think I could have a better setup for the money.


Andy Gates

Red Hawk Rifles is a top notch company to purchase a custom precision firearm from. I had never even heard of them and I just happened to come across one of their guns on gunbroker. I did a little research on their cryogenic treatment of the barrel and action, educated myself then gave them a call. I spent 45 min on the phone with them , got all my questions answered and ended up buying a Remington Model 700 chambered in 270 WSM. I work overseas and did not even see the gun until two months after I bought it. I was literally dreaming of shooting this gun those two months and when I pulled the trigger the first time, it did not disappoint. I was able to shoot two shots through the same hole, at first I thought I missed the target but after a closer look it was obvious both shots went through the same hole. This type of accuracy and precision detail both of these qualities Red Hawk Riles obviously possess. This was my first but for sure not last Red Hawk Rifle. Thank You Red Hawk Rifles for producing what you advertise and surpassing my expectations!
Best Regards,

John J. Oley
Dear Red Hawk,

Guys! I just wanted to express to you how happy I am with this Alaskan Clone! I finally got a chance to shoot today and shot a .216" group at 100 yds. and a .490" at 200 yds with RMPA load #1077 I LOVE IT!!!
If you remember, I had some questions about the scope that's on it and you assured me it would be a good combo. I was great! My target at 200 yds was a 1" red dot! Thats what I shot the .490" group at. I have complete confidence in this rifle. Whatever you're doing to them,,, keep it up!!
Thanks again,
Andy Nance

I just wanted to send a "Thanks" for the rifle you built for me. I installed a 4X16 Nikon Monarch scope, spent a couple of days building a load and finally had a chance to shoot it at some distance this weekend. With 180 grain Accubonds, my group size was 1-5/8" at 400 yards! I can't wait to shoot it at 600-700 yards to see what it will do!
Thanks again,

Travis Barney

Dear Red Hawk,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful rifle that you made for me. This is the first custom gun I've ever ordered and wanted it to be my ultimate "do-it-all" hunting rifle. Being left-handed has always limited the models available to me and most appear to be made to a lesser standard than the same right-handed models. The stainless Remington 700 action you sent me is slick as glass and thanks to your extra work on polishing the rails, feed ramp, bluprinting the barrel and reciever, locking the lugs and bolt face, it funcions as flawlessly as it looks! I believe that replacing the origional recoil lug with the Tubb's was a good idea for this .338 Win Mag in the Bell & Carlson lightweight stock and although skeptical of the $200 extra for a Jewell Trigger, I will be replacing the trigger on all of my other rifles with this model. It's that good! With my handloads using Nosler Brass, Fed. 215 primers, IMR 4350 powder, and Barnes 210 grain TSX bullets, this rifle topped with a Leupold Vari-X111, 3.5 X 10 power scope in Talley, one-piece rings consistantly shoots 3-shot cloverleafs ( all bullets touching ) measuring sub-half MOA. Velocity averages 3050 FPS. This truly is my ultimate rifle!!
Thank you!

Joe Scarborough

Dear Red Hawk,

Well guys I want to tsay thanks for all of your help. This is the mulie I sht from 600 yards thanks to all my friends at Red Hawk Rifles and Rocky Mountain Ammo. I could have never had the confidence without the equipment and knowledge you guys have given me over the last year. For my first one he had a 25 inch inside spread. Talk to you all soon.

Jason Chandler
Dear Red Hawk,

Your shooting system is "UNBELIEVABLE"! The combination 7mm Mag/Zeiss Scope nailed this Ram moving at 500 yards. The outfitter I was hunting with had neer had a shot out this far.
Customer for Life,
James Kiser

Dear Red Hawk,

My 14 yr. old son shot his bull @ 610 yds. in Arizona on the late hunt. I had purchased this gun from Red Hawk Rifles earlier this year and developed a load that shot with incredible accuracy. The gun is sighted to 1000 yards and I plan on pushing it to 1200 yards. I know alot of people boast of making long shots, but what they leave out is that it took 5 shots to connect. This bull was confidently killed with one shot. I'd like to thank the folks at Red Hawk Rifles for making sure their customers are satisfied with their rifles. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who enjoys long range shooting.
John Hughs

Dear Red Hawk,

I just wanted to let you know that I have had a chance to work with the 6mm, that I bought from you and I could not be any happier. The rifle has been shooting a .41 inch 5-shot group at 100 yds. Tonight was the first night that was calm enough to shoot any real range, and I was able to shoot a 3-shot group at 500 yds which was at 2.410 . That exceeds the expectations that I had in a rifle of that weight. The load I came up with is a 95 grain nosler bt and 44 grns of RL 19. Thanks for a great gun. I have several people asking for info on the rifle and I am more than happy to send them your way.
Thanks again,
Kent Lewis
Dear Red Hawk,

I recently purchased one of your .257 Weatherby caliber rifles off of Gun Broker. WOW!! I am not exaggerating when I say I put 5 shots inside 5/8 of an inch @ 100 yards. 100 gr. Barnes Tipped Triple Shock ; Fed 215 Match Primer; 74 gr. RL22. Chronographed @ 5200 feet elevation @ 3665 fps.... as the average for the two shots measured. Outsanding work guys!! I will be purchasing more from you, as well as getting your name out to my friends and associates. Thanks again!!

Mike L. Carlson

Hi Red Hawk,

I finally got a chance to shoot the rifle. Before I get to that, the workmanship and look of it,.... WOW! I can't believe this was once a Plain Jane 700. I broke in the barrel with commercial Hornady 30-06 165 gr SST's. Two groups of 5 rounds ( as you recommended). The rifle was .5" at 100 yards on both groups. I then switched over to hand loads I based on a chamber measurement of the rifle. The loading is 150 gr. Nosler BT's with 60.5 grs of Reloader 19. In a word- awesome!!!! The rifle was cutting the same hole with the widest group being .25". I can't thank you and the RHR Team enough.

Glen Itzkowitz


323 yards on the sheep
417 on the goat
130 on the moose.
Sheep and goat were one shot kills.
Moose took two. Knocked him down with one but he got back up.

Marty Anderson


RHR Staff,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the Bell & Carlson stock I bought from you made a huge difference in how my rifle shot. I bought a rifle 3 years ago and struggled to get it to shoot decent groups. I determined it was not a scope issue so I ordered a Bell & Carlson stock from you and sanded it so that the barrel was free floated. My rifle groups went down to what you could cover with a quarter. The past two seasons I did not draw a ND rifle tag for deer so I was anxious to get out and hunt with this rifle. I got a chance at this buck on Thansgiving morning and got a 200 yard shot at this buck walking across a clearing. Thanks for your products and Thanks for your help!!
Carter Medalen

Happy New Year,
Every now and then one comes across a truly good product, one that is good enough that it should be shared. I have had the good fortune to hunt many of the wonderful big game animals we are so lucky to have here in North America. From the Rocky Mountain States, to Alaska and most of the Canadian Provinces, as well as much of the Eastern United States- I have hunted, photographed and guided for whitetails, mule deer, antelope, elk, moose, mountain sheep, black and grizzly bears, as well as other species. I have been a full time professional guide for the past 8 years and my wife and I live in a remote part of Northern Maine. I eat sleep, drink and live the outdoors. The point in relating all of this is not to brag ( those who know me well are aware that I am not one to beat my chest ... not at all) -- I have tested and used a myriad of outdoor products over the years: some good, some poor, some way overpriced and over-rated! I am particularly fussy about boots ( no hoof, no horse!) and rifles. To quote a famous custom rifle maker, who shall remain nameless because his guns are great but mind-bogglingly expensive-- "if it ain't accurate, it's nothing but a noisemaker."-- One that isn't is Red Hawk Rifles out of Grand Junction, Colorado
You can pay $4,000 to $10,000 for a well made, accurate rifle. But you don't need to do so!!-- Red Hawk Rifles are around $1500 and do they shoot! Mine is what Dick , one of the principles at Red Hawk, calls a Remington Alaskan Ti Clone. Chambered in 300 Win Mag, the gun shoots under, yes under, 5 shot 1/2" groups. It is light, well balanced, touch and good looking! You can add a custom trigger, muzzle break and other accessories and still be under $2,000 And in a day and age when it costs $125 or more to fill up your pickup, that, my friends , is a bargain.
I should be clear about something. I was not asked by anyone to endorse or espouse the virtues of Red Hawk Rifles, nor am I being compensated in any way. It's just too good of a product not to spread the word and I have a high level of enthusiasm for these guns.

Jim Bernardin
Registered and Licensed Guide


Good afternoon, Red Hawk- "Big Boomers" aren't supposed to shoot this good! .338 RUM Red Hawk Rifle, 250 Grain Berger Elite Hunter bullets, RE-25 powder, RP Cases, Fed 215 Primers, velocity 2950. This is the first powder type I've tried! I really don't think I can shoot tighter average groups than this, even though the gun probably can....:)
Joseph Scarborough
Hello!-- I just returned from Tijikastan on a Marco Polo hunt where I dumped my sheep at 500+ yards with the 300 win mag "Alaskan" you built for me. Oh yea, it's in my safe with the 7mm, 7mm-08 and 280 of yours too, but I'm not giving any of those up! Of course , now my buddy that went with me wants one!
Bruce Morgan
Dear Dick and Les,

Thanks so much for building an awesome rifle. This gun shoots amazing! I went out and tested it on Wednesday in high winds and still shot under 1/2 inch group at 100 yards. I will be sending you guys some targets as well as (3) customers that will want one of these built pretty soon. I've already showed it to (4) of my buddies and they can't believe how great it looks and performs for the price you guys are selling these for. Thanks again for everything.
Ray Brittain
Wanted to say thank you for an incredible gun. Took it out yesterday and all I can say is WOW!! It shoots better than any gun I have ever owned. 3 shot group cut one ragged hole. Thank you so much.

Scott McClaren


I just want to take a minute to let you know how thrilled we are with the rifle you recently built for my son, Sam. You describe this gun as an "Alaskan TI Clone, only better". That is a perfect description. The .264 Win Mag you just finished for us is incredible. We loaded the 130 grain berger VLD bullet for our Antelope hunt and the performance was incredible. I thought I was missing the target with shots 2 thru 4 but in fact was hitting the same hole. When Sam shot his antelope at 340 yards, one shot kill, there was no question that this rifle was all you said it would be and more. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. You have taken age old technology and created an new way to accurize the already indestructible Remington 700.

Thank You So Much,

Doug Proal

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase an accurate, great looking, fast handling, hunting rig. I've only owned heavy rifles and hunted with heavy rifles for accurate shots at long range. Your custom accurized rifle now sits in front of the heavyweights in the safe for the quick call to any hunting situation as it has the accuracy and the ease of portability; it's a complete package!! Looking forward to buying another. Thanks again Dick and Dave of Redhawk Rifles and keep building them affordable accurate custom rifles!!!
Eugemar & Shantelle Manibog

Good morning Richard and Dave,

I bought a Alaskan TI Clone last year in 10/10. Just a quick note to let you all know how well it shoots. At 700 yds my best group is 2 1/8 inches. I'm shooting 210gr Berger Vld's with H-1000 for powder, 2860 fps. Needless to say I am very pleased with the rifle. Looking forward to hunting this fall. Thanks for the great rifle and great customer service.

Steve Miller,
Great Falls, Montana


Just wanted to let you know that the 2 rifles you built for us in .243 shot like a house afire.

We have developed several loads for each that are very accurate at 100 yds and 200 yds. (.2s at 100 yds and .75s at 200).

Thanks for a great product.

James Welch


I am very happy with how this rifle looks, feels and shoots. I shot load 1032 from my portable bench that is not rock solid and it shot .629 at 100 yards. When I can get it to a solid bench I am sure it will do much better. The last 3 years I have shot my animal with my STW and am looking forward to using this 300 RUM on elk this year. Thanks again for filling a void in my gun collection.

Dave Boyd

Hi Dick,

I finally got pics from Greg and our other buddy Jody from our Wyoming hunt last October. We tagged out in 4 days. They weren't as big as we were hoping for, but we weren't seeing the 320 bulls that are supposed to be there. Maybe we should have held out…

Thanks for putting the rifles together. They worked great. My shot was 400 and greg's was 250. Both 1 shot kills. Jody is also shooting a .300 RUM and took his bull at 450. We ended up having muzzle brakes added by a local shop. It was hard to believe to believe that there are Elk in this country, there are a lot of them.

Take care,

Chris Aho

Hey Dick,

I received my rifle without a problem. Thank you for the rapid delivery and excellent work. Finally got a scope and rings on the rifle and made it to the range. 180 gr Barnes TSX backed by 80.0 H1000…wow…whatever it is you do to a rifle keep doing it!! Sandbagged on the bench and shot under a 1/2 inch five shot group at 100 yards.

Thank you,

"Critter" despain.

Dick & Dave,

My compliments on the rifle you provided to me. I was able to get out this weekend and fire it off many times, and with poor handholds...brass not matched to the chamber since I had no measurements 'cause I had no fired cases, just guessing on proper bullet seating depths & firing medium recommended loads as a starting point.

Well with the 210 Bergers, the groups started at .5 MOA net, and got smaller with increased power and my getting familiar. Smallest group was right at .3 MOA. With the 180 TSX's, first 2 groups were .4 MOA, and the 2nd 2 groups were .25 MOA! I'm very, very pleased and cannot wait to see what this rifle will do after I get some real loads built for it. Recoil is not bad at all & I really like the Zeiss!

Thanks Guys!

John E. Boseman
True Partners Consulting LLC


This rifle shot a 3/4" 5-shot group at 200 yds with my handloads the first time I took it to the range. Thanks for putting together a nice rig at a fair price. Very happy with this purchase. Merry XMAS!

Bob Sumner

Hello Dick!

I hope all is well.

Attached is my 3 bullet grouping at 100 yards out of my new custom Redhawk Rifle .300 WSM. As I told you when I bought the rifle, I am not a joe pro rifle guy and for me to get a grouping like this means your rifle is darn accurate (because it certainly isn't the shooter!).

Thanks for helping me out and all the gun nuts in Eagle are very impressed with the gun.

Thanks again for the great rifle and all of your help!

Scott S. Turnipseed

Hi Dick,

I was able to pick up the rifle about 3:00 pm this afternoon. scope on and load up five rounds. I used two to sight it in, and then shot a three shot group. It measured 3/8 of an inch, so I guess the gun is a keeper! Thanks for shipping it out quickly, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Dick Churchley and crew of Red Hawk Rifles made me an extremely accurate rifle. The Alaskan Ti clone in 300 win mag shoots like a dream. Matching it up with a Nightforce scope, I'm able to make ridiculous shots out to 750 yards. The gun shoots well under 1/2 inch MOA groups and is capable of shooting farther than I'm comfortable doing ... at least for now.
I feel like I have a custom rifle at factory prices. In my opinion you would be hard pressed to fmd a comparable performing, off the shelf, light weight platform for the money. Thank you Dick for the great shooter!

Michael Wills
Ketchikan, AK

I bought a remington 700 from you. I have learned to shoot more long distance and I would like to thank you! I have had nothing but compliments and wonderful results shoots your rifle out to 800 yrds. In the future i will be looking you up again. Thank You!!!!

Kenneth Katona
Fort White, FL
Les –
I wanted to thank you and the rest of the RHR crew for a fine looking rifle. I picked up my 300Win Mag yesterday and am very impressed with the workmanship and fit / finish. I will get some glass mounted and go experiment with some loads and see if I can duplicate the .472” groups.

Thanks again-