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*This product is a unit that has been used for demonstration purposes only at various gun shows or in our shop. No scratches of any kind. Comes with full factory warranty. 100% satisfaction guarantee.*

ZEISS Conquest HD Binoculars

The well-balanced Conquest® HD binoculars provide outstanding performance for ambitious nature observation. Uncompromising design, ergonomics and optics at an unbelievably attractive price. 

A whole new class of premium optics provides a premium experience of the world of nature. Watching birds, insects, or wildlife you will appreciate the vivid natural colors and the comfortable feel in your hands and in front of your eyes. The innovative HD lens system, the compact and light weight design, will allow you to enjoy the view from before dawn to deep dusk, every day. With the CONQUEST HDs you will be equipped for a premium experience of birds and the whole world of nature.

ZEISS Conquest HD models are backed by the ZEISS Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty AND Five-Year No-Fault Policy.


  • Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 - The Conquest HD 8x32 is a lightweight model that is ideal as lightweight binoculars for hiking, traveling and animal observations. Its compact size makes it a convenient companion in difficult terrain. The 8x magnification provides a good overview and shake-free images. The near setting of just 1.5 meters allows you to experience crisp images and clear colors up close. This is particularly beneficial when watching butterflies or other insects.
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 10x32 - Compact dimensions, low weight, 10x magnification: The Conquest HD 10x32 combines all the features needed for long ranges and long distances. It provides a detailed image – even at longer distances – on hikes in the mountains or for birdwatching. It also scores up close with crisp images and clear colors – down to a range of 1.5 meters. This is particularly beneficial when watching butterflies or other insects. The ergonomic design of the 10x32 leaves no wish unfulfilled. The housing fits comfortably in your hand, the focusing wheel can be quickly and easily used.
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42 - The Conquest HD 8x42 has been designed as a robust companion for use during twilight. Its 8x magnification ensures that the image remains steady. The HD lens system guarantees the best color reproduction for impressive observation. Whether you are watching birds or whales on the ocean or wildlife in woodland or rough terrain, the 8x magnification is the perfect solution. The special design also ensures that the 8x42 is extremely comfortable to use. The large focusing wheel is always close at hand, so that even at close range, for example, the smallest details can appear sharp and color neutral.
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42 - At 115 meters the Conquest HD 10x42 offers the largest field of view in its class. Maximum overview at close quarters and optimum magnification at long range. Whether you are watching birds in the bushes a few meters away or zebras in the distance on the African plains, the 10x42 ensures that you are well equipped for virtually any situation. Thanks to the increased magnification performance you can enjoy particularly detailed insights into the natural world. The special design, combined with optimum ergonomics and non-slip operation plus the large focusing wheel for high precision focusing in any situation, ensure just the right level of observation comfort.
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 8x56 - The Conquest HD 8x56 with the classic lens diameter are ideally suited for twilight and moonlight observation. Thanks to the 7 mm large eye relief, the innovative HD lens system and the T* multi-layer coating, they always deliver bright and intense images even under challenging light conditions. With the 8x56 binoculars you can also effortlessly observe animals which come out at night.
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 10x56 - If you want to identify important details when observing nature at twilight, then the Conquest HD 10x56 binoculars are perfect for you. Thanks to the 10x magnification and large eye relief, long distances are overcome easily and nature shows up right in front of your eyes. The 10x56 is the ideal companion for seeing even the finest details at long range.
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 15x56 - Developed for extremely long distances, the Conquest HD 15x56 also provides a razor-sharp view of the smallest details even at longer range. Discover nature's smallest secrets. The necessary comfort is provided by the tripod adaptor supplied, which enables the binoculars to be mounted on a tripod in no time. The 15x56 is the specialist for situations in difficult lighting conditions and impresses with bright and high contrast image.


  • HD-lens system - Observe nature in high definition. The new HD lens system provides exceptionally true and neutral color fidelity: a visual experience that sets new standards in its class. The tried and true Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating ensures that the CONQUEST HD offers light transmission of more than 90% – optimum requirements for impressive observation in twilight conditions.
  • Optimal ergonomics - Comfortable observation is not just a matter of lenses. Ergonomics plays a major role, too – and this is where the modern design of the CONQUEST HD comes into its own. The comfortable focus system with the large focusing wheel ensures easy handling, optimum grip and precise focusing even wearing gloves. The fully adjustable, locking eyecups round off its ergonomic perfection. Slightly slanted, they are carefully aligned to aid observational comfort.
  • Extra-wide field of view - Enjoy effortless viewing even over long and relaxed observation periods. Whether you choose the CONQUEST HD 10x42 with the widest field of view in its class or the CONQUEST HD 8x42, both models guarantee detailed insights at long distances. Meanwhile, the CONQUEST HD 56mm models are the ideal companion for observing under challenging light conditions. They are very impressive, offering the widest fields of view and maximum brightness.
  • Innovative lens coating - Enjoy clear visibility in any weather and easy cleaning. The LotuTec® coating ensures that water simply rolls off the lenses and dirt can be removed easily and gently without a trace.
  • Precision at close quarters - You can quickly pick out individual animals from large groups and seek out hidden game in clumps of bushes. The CONQUEST HD 10 x 42, with the widest field of view in its class, is the perfect option in this instance. You can enjoy effortless observation and a particularly steady image with the CONQUEST HD 8 x 42. The x32s have class leading fields of view and exceptional close focus. Whichever model you choose, these binoculars promise detailed insights at every distance.
  • Robust and precise - The CONQUEST HD is both lightweight and extremely robust. With any of our four models you can be well prepared for any adverse conditions when observing nature. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum. The inner workings are therefore perfectly protected, ensuring the long-term precision of the HD lens system. The CONQUEST HD - always a reliable companion, ready for any tough use.
  • Made in Germany - A revolution in design, ergonomics and optics. The perfect “Made in Germany” experience combines ZEISS quality with state-of-the-art technology. Plus, these binoculars represent an outstanding price performance ratio. All this makes CONQUEST HD the uncompromising entry into the premium class of Carl Zeiss.
  • 90% Light Transmission - Higher definition glass produces 90% to-the-eye light transmission, great low-light performance and excellent target resolution across the entire magnification range.
  • Optimized operating elements - Comfortable observation is not just a matter of lenses. The comfortable focus system with the large focusing wheel ensures easy handling, optimum grip and precise focusing even with gloves. The eyecups round off its ergonomic perfection. Slightly slanted, they are carefully aligned to aid observation comfort.
  • Compact and robust construction - Compact size, low weight and robust body construction guarantee readiness for use under all conditions. Comfortable observation is not just a matter of lenses. Ergonomics plays a major role too – and this is where the Conquest HD, with its compact size and lightweight, modern design, truly comes into its own.
  • A clear view, whatever the weather - There are always exciting things to be seen in the world of nature – even in wet weather. This is why ZEISS developed LotuTec®. A coating for the lenses of binoculars and spotting scopes that enables a clear and unhindered view in all weather conditions.
  • ZEISS T* Coating - ZEISS T* coating is a guarantee of the brilliant, high-contrast images­­ which you will experience above all in adverse light conditions and in the twilight. Behind it, however, there is no specific formula for building up the layers. Instead, it is a technology that is constantly adjusted to suit new glass materials and requirements, which varies from lens to lens.


Model 8 × 32 10 × 32 8 x 42 10 × 42 8 x 56 10 x 56 15 × 56
Magnification 8 × 10 × 8 × 10 × 8 × 10 × 15 ×
Effective Lens Diameter 32 mm 32 mm 42 mm 42 mm 56 mm 56 mm 56 mm
Light Transmission 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Exit Pupil Diameter 4 mm 3.2 mm  5.3 mm 4.2 mm 7 mm  5.6 mm  3.7 mm
Twilight Factor 16 17.9 18.3  20.5  21.2 23.7  29.0
Field of View at 1,000 yds 420 ft 354 ft 384 ft  345 ft 375 ft  345 ft  240 ft
Angular Field of View, Apparent 64° wide angle 66° wide angle 59° wide angle  66° wide angle 57° wide angle  66° wide angle 69° wide angle
Close Focus 4.9 ft 4.9 ft 6.6 ft  6.6 ft 11.5 ft  11.5 ft 11.5 ft
Diopter Range ± 4 dpt ± 4 dpt  ± 4 dpt ± 4 dpt ± 4 dpt  ± 4 dpt   ± 4 dpt
Eye Relief 16 mm 16 mm  18 mm 18 mm  18 mm  18 mm 18 mm
Interpupillary Distance 54 – 74 mm 54 – 74 mm  54 – 74 mm 54 – 74 mm  54 – 74 mm 54 – 74 mm  54 – 74 mm
Lens Type HD HD  HD HD HD  HD   HD
Prism System Schmidt-Pechan Schmidt-Pechan  Schmidt-Pechan Schmidt-Pechan  Abbe-König Abbe-König  Abbe-Köenig

LotuTec | Nitrogen filled

+ | +

+ | + + | + + | +  + | + + | + + | +
Waterproof 400 mbar 400 mbar  400 mbar 400 mbar 400 mbar 400 mbar  400 mbar
Operating Temperature -22 / +145 °F -22 / +145 °F  -22 / +145 °F -22 / +145 °F -22 / +145 °F -22 / +145 °F -22 / +145 °F
Length 5.2 in 5.2 in 5.9 in  5.9 in 8.3 in   8.3 in 8.3 in
Width 4.6 in 4.6 in 4.7 in  4.7 in 5.7 in   5.7 in 5.7 in
Weight 22.2 oz 22.2 oz  28.0 oz 28 oz 44.6 oz 45.0 oz  45.7 oz


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