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*USED* Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 Rifle Scope

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ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x44

Thanks to its well-balanced zoom range, this compact riflescope is the perfect all-around scope option for short, mid-range, and long-distance shots. At the 16x setting, you can easily evaluate each detail on the animal before pulling the trigger. The 44mm objective size offers great low-light performance at lower magnification ranges, while allowing the rifle and riflescope package to maintain a compact footprint. To support long-range hunting and shooting, the scope has a side parallax adjustment and an external elevation turret with Ballistic Stop. There are five reticle options available, from duplex-style to advanced smart reticles. These include the non-illuminated #20 Z-Plex and the ZMOA-T30. Illuminated reticle options are: #60 duplex, ZBi, and ZMOAi-T30. All-new is the External Locking Windage Turret option - an industry first-in-class - and represents an excellent choice for the long-range hunting and shooting enthusiast.

ZEISS Conquest V4 models are backed by the ZEISS Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty AND Five-Year No-Fault Policy.


-4x Zoom Range - The 4x zoom range allows hunters to perfectly recognize details and offers an excellent overall view for a safe and accurate shot.
-A clear view, whatever the weather - There are always exciting things to be seen in the world of nature – even in wet weather. This is why ZEISS developed LotuTec®. A coating for the lenses of binoculars and spotting scopes that enables a clear and unhindered view in all weather conditions.
-Stable and Shot-Proof - The ZEISS V8, ZEISS Victory HT, ZEISS Conquest V6, and ZEISS Conquest V4 riflescopes are all ideally suited for use with "clip-on" attachments.
-90% Light Transmission - Higher definition glass produces 90% to-the-eye light transmission, great low-light performance and excellent target resolution across the entire magnification range.
-ZEISS T* Coating - ZEISS T* coating is a guarantee of the brilliant, high-contrast images­­ which you will experience above all in adverse light conditions and in the twilight. Behind it, however, there is no specific formula for building up the layers. Instead, it is a technology that is constantly adjusted to suit new glass materials and requirements, which varies from lens to lens.
-Reticle Illumination - The reticle illumination can be adjusted finely and accurately over 10 different levels, allowing hunters to precisely adjust the brightness to any situation and time of day – for the perfect shot.
  • Large 80 MOA elevation and 60 MOA windage adjustment range
  • 90+% light transmission
  • 30mm machined main tube
  • Multi-turn elevation turret with Ballistic Stop (absolute and positive return to zero)
  • Available in both capped and ballistic windage turret options.
  • Side parallax adjustment
  • Reticles: #20 Z-Plex / #60 Plex / #64 ZMOAi-T30 / #68 ZBi
  • Second Focal Plane

 Confidence in toughest conditions:

  • Shock and Awe - Zeiss' stringent testing procedures ensure faultless performance in the most rugged hunting conditions imaginable, making it possible for you to act and react with ultimate confidence in every hunting and shooting situation.
  • Shock test with up to 1500 times G-Force - impact shock test at 1500 g-force, which corresponds to shooting the 460 Weatherby Magnum cartridge, with a 500 grain bullet travelling at 2600 feet per second.
  • Water, Water, Everywhere - After hours in the rain and cold, the hunter's resolve remains to be tested to the end. To the end of what? To the end of the rain, the end of the day, the end of the hunt? Rest assured, whatever your answer, Zeiss Optics will be there with you, and waiting for the next time to go hunting in even tougher conditions.
  • Waterproofing Immersion Test - Validated waterproof up to 13 feet for 2 hours.

Continuous Shocks:

  • Abuse vs Reward - Whether packing it in a truck, on hoof and saddle, or on foot, the rough terrain demands the most your equipment has to offer. Rest assured, just as you are able to withstand the bumps, bruises, and breaks from your hunt, your Zeiss gear will be there to take the punishment right along with you. And it will be there to help you obtain your reward of the harvest.
  • Continuous Shocks for 90 Minutes - Even after 1.5 hours of continuous vibration in various directions, upon repeating the shot test for accuracy, the grouping on the test target remains unchanged.


  • From the Sahara to the Arctic - Wherever your hunting adventures take you, Zeiss knows the conditions are never very favorable. Optics and their mechanical counterparts must conform to the violent environmental shifts to be reliable and repeatable. Extreme heat and cold awaits the hunter around the globe. This is the time for performance - not excuses. Zeiss Optics operate reliably in the most severe climatic conditions. 
  • Temperature Shock - Zeiss Optics are tested by exposure to rapid temperature shocks from -13°F to 122°F within a period of 5 minutes.


  • Hard Core Hunting - Zeiss Optics are high precision tool proven extremely reliable when exposed to the harshest salt water testing. All Zeiss Optics are exhaustively tested to ensure their endurance and suitability for every condition your hunt and nature has to offer.
  • 24 Hours in Salt Spray - Withstands over 24 hours of continuous salt spray environment and remains corrosion free.


Zeiss #20 Z-Plex Reticle for Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescope

The very fine reticle 20 is located in the second image plane. During daytime hunting, it enables you to shoulder your rifle and aim extremely precisely, even at long distances. The transition from the bars to the fine lines in the center is arrow-shaped in the reticle 20. This gives you the ability to aim especially precisely at small targets.

Zeiss #60 Plex Illuminated Reticle for Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescopes

The reticle 60 is lighter and finer than the reticle 40, which was widely used only a few years ago. The bars have only half the subtension of the earlier model and there is twice the amount of free space between them. It is therefore ideally suited for precise shooting with the least possible coverage of the target game. With 12x magnification and a subtension of only 0.55 cm at a distance of 100 m, you always have an excellent overview – no fine details are hidden from view. The illuminated dot is extremely bright and can therefore also be used for daytime hunting. The brightness of the illuminated dot can be dimmed at extremely finely, making it ideal for night hunting as well. The reticle is located in the riflescope’s second image plane

Zeiss #64 ZMOAi-T30 Illuminated Reticle for Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescopes

The ZMOA-T30 offers the perfect balance between sport and hunting shooting. Hunters and target shooters prefer this option for their all-around riflescope. The MOA (minute of angle) crosshairs contain MOA tick marks and dots that provide a distance of 1 MOA at reference magnification and cover a bullet drop of 30 MOA. The lateral lines and holdover points are extremely useful for wind correction and are positioned in the field of view for maximum effectiveness and minimum distraction. The ZEISS Hunting app can be used to quickly and precisely determine the change in subtension and the resulting bullet drop compensation and wind drift correction values for practically any ammunition.

Zeiss #68 ZBi Illuminated Reticle for Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescopes

This reticle was primarily developed for hunting in open terrain and over long distances. The tree-shaped crosshairs are intuitively designed and offer an extremely precise aiming point. The tick marks and dots have a distance of one minute of angle (1 MOA) at the respective reference magnification and always provide a suitable holdover point, even in windy conditions. The ZEISS Hunting app can be used to quickly and precisely determine both bullet drop and wind drift for practically any ammunition, and also displays the distance values in a visual depiction of the reticle. Only the center area of the reticle is illuminated, for precise aiming even in poor lighting conditions.


Model 3-12x44 3–12×56 4–16x44 4-16x50 6–24×50
Magnification 3x-12x 3x–12x 4x–16x 4x-16x 6x–24x
Focal Plane Second Second Second Second Second
Effective Lens Diameter 44.9 mm – 50 mm 27.7 mm – 56 mm 33.2 mm – 44 mm 34.5 – 50 mm 44.9 mm – 50 mm
Exit Pupil Diameter 7.5 mm – 2.1 mm 9.2 mm – 4.7 mm 8.5 mm – 2.8 mm 8.5 – 3.1 mm 7.5 mm – 2.1 mm
Twilight Factor 9.0 – 23.0 9.1 – 25.9 11.5 – 26.5 11.7 – 28.3 16.4 – 34.6
Light Transmission


90% 90% 90% 90%
Field of View at 100 yds 19 ft – 4.8 ft 38 ft – 10 ft 28.5 ft – 7.1 ft 28.5 ft – 7.1 ft 19 ft – 5 ft
Angular Field of View, Real

3.6° – 0.9°

7.2° – 1.8° 5.4° – 1.4° 5.4° – 1.4° 3.6° – 0.9°
Diopter Range - 3 / + 2 dpt - 3 / + 2 dpt - 3 / + 2 dpt - 3 / + 2 dpt - 3 / + 2 dpt
Eye Relief 3.54 in 3.54 in 3.54 in 3.54 in 3.54 in
Parallax Setting 50 yds 100 yds 10 yds – ∞ 10 yds – ∞ 10 yds – ∞
Elevation Adjustment Range 70 MOA 70 MOA 80 MOA 80 MOA 80 MOA
Windage Adjustment Range 70 MOA 70 MOA 60 MOA 60 MOA 60 MOA
Click Value 0.25 MOA 0.25 MOA 0.25 MOA 0.25 MOA 0.25 MOA
Main Tube Diameter 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Eyepiece Tube Diameter 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm 44mm
Objective Tube Diameter 50mm 62mm 50mm 56mm 56mm
Coating LotuTec®/ZEISS T* LotuTec®/ZEISS T* LotuTec®/ZEISS T* LotuTec®/ZEISS T* LotuTec®/ZEISS T*
Fogproof Nitrogen Purged Nitrogen Purged Nitrogen Purged Nitrogen Purged Nitrogen Purged
Waterproof 400 mbar (submerged 4 meters for 2 hours) 400 mbar (submerged 4 meters for 2 hours) 400 mbar (submerged 4 meters for 2 hours) 400 mbar (submerged 4 meters for 2 hours) 400 mbar (submerged 4 meters for 2 hours)
Operating Temperature -4 / +131°F -4 / +131°F -4 / +131°F -4 / +131°F -4 / +131°F
Length 13.8 in 14.5 in 14 in 14.5 in 14.5 in
Weight 18.2 oz 21.5 oz 22.6 oz 23 oz 24.4 oz
Reticles Z-PLEX Z-Plex, #60 illum. Z-Plex, # Plex, ZBi, ZMOAi-T30 ZMOA-T-30, ZBi, ZMOA-1 ZBR-1, ZMOA-1, ZMOAi-1 illum.



Warranty Information

ZEISS Conquest V4 models are backed by the ZEISS Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty AND Five-Year No-Fault Policy.

74 Reviews

  • 5
    Looked new to me this is the sixth zeiss scope our family has purchased. Everything with all of them has been first clas including redhawk

    Published by Robert Mccaslin on Apr 9th 2023

    I haven’t figured out what used means

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Published by Chris crites on Mar 26th 2023

    Great service and can’t beat the deal.

  • 5
    Ziess V4

    Published by Tony on Jan 13th 2023

    Excellent scope, this is the third one from Redhawk rifles, they claim to be demo models but you sure cannot tell, they look brand new, I was I die hard Leupold fan until I bought one of these.

  • 5

    Published by Chris on Dec 9th 2022

    The scope sells itself. 3rd transaction with Redhawk and absolutely no surprises on open box and 'used'. Great outfit to buy from.

  • 5
    Demo Zeiss V4

    Published by Ossie Rushing on Nov 25th 2022

    Bought a demo Zeiss V4 and it was perfect. I couldn’t find a scratch or any type of handling marks on it. Thank you!