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Since it was founded in 1946, Timney Triggers has built a reputation based on the quality of its products. Because of the precision machining and workmanship that goes into each Timney product they are The World's Finest Triggers.™ Each and every Timney Trigger is individually tested and calibrated by hand in the action it was designed for before it's delivered to the customer's door.

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Founded in 1946, Timney Triggers has a long history of producing high-quality triggers for a wide range of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

Timney is well known for its precision manufacturing processes, durable materials, and innovative designs.


Two-stage triggers have two distinct phases of trigger pull. In the first stage, the trigger has a light pull with a small amount of resistance. In the second stage, the trigger requires a firmer pull to complete the firing sequence.


Single-stage triggers, have only one stage of trigger pull with a consistent level of resistance until the trigger breaks and the firearm fires.


Two-stage triggers are often favored for precision shooting and single-stage triggers favored for rapid fire applications.


Timney understands hunters and the thrill of the chase because they are hunters. They understand accuracy and the importance of making the shot. That is why they’ve been dedicated to making “The World’s Finest Triggers” since 1946. 


What is the Pull Weight on Timney Triggers?
The trigger pull weight of Timney Triggers varies depending on the specific model. Some Timney Triggers have a trigger pull weight as light as 1.5 lbs, while others have a trigger pull weight as heavy as 4 lbs. The trigger pull weight is adjustable on some models, allowing the user to set the weight to their desired level.
Which Timney Triggers are adjustable?
The Timney Triggers that are adjustable that we carry at Red Hawk Rifles are:
  • The Calvin Elite Trigger for Rem 700
  • Elite Hunter Trigger for Rem 700
  • Hit Trigger for Rem 700
  • Remington 700 (2 Stage)
  • Remington Model 7
  • Ruger M77 Mark 1 W/ Tang Safety
  • Ruger M77 MKII – Standard
  • Ruger Precision Rifle – 2 Stage Curved
  • Tikka T3
  • Winchester Model 70 MOA
  • Winchester Model 70
  • The Calvin Elite Trigger for Rem 700Weatherby Vanguard
  • Weatherby Mark V (USA/ Japan & German Manufacturing)
Are Timney Triggers compatible with Custom Gun Builds?
Yes, Timney Triggers can be compatible with custom gun builds, as long as the trigger is designed to fit the specific firearm make and model of the custom build. Timney Triggers are available for a wide range of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, so it is likely that a Timney Trigger will be compatible with your custom build. To ensure compatibility though, it is recommended to consult the specifications for the specific Timney Trigger model you are considering and to consult with a firearms professional or conduct additional research before making a decision.
How do Timney Triggers compare to other aftermarket triggers?
The Timney Trigger is widely regarded as a high-quality aftermarket trigger and is often compared favorably to other aftermarket triggers. Some of the key features that set the Timney Trigger apart from other aftermarket triggers include:
  • Quality and Durability: Timney Triggers are known for their high quality and durability, as they are made with precision manufacturing processes and materials
  • Trigger Pull: Timney Triggers are favored by many shooters for their crisp and consistent trigger pull, which is often lighter and more precise than the stock trigger on many firearms.
  • Adjustability: Many Timney Triggers are adjustable, allowing the user to fine-tune the trigger to their desired specifications.
  • Compatibility: Timney Triggers are available for a wide range of firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, making it easy to find a Timney Trigger that is compatible with your firearm.
Should I use Oil or Lube on my Timney Trigger?
No lubrication is necessary as Timney uses Teflon nickel plating. It should be kept clean but doesn’t need oil.
How do I clean my Timney Trigger?
Timney recommends using an alcohol based cleaner that evaporates easily. Ronsonol lighter fluid and Coleman White Gas both work well to remove dirt and debris and evaporate fully. Compressed air and the alcohol based cleaner are all that is necessary to keep your trigger clean.

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