Reactor Fusion Module

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The Reactor Fusion Module is a Bluetooth Data Acquisition Device that mounts to your firearm and links with the Reactor ecosystem to deliver unmatched data logging and analysis tools. It mounts to your firearm via an M-Lok or Picatinny rail and gives real-time data about your shooting conditions, along with providing an automated dope book with the data from other sensors and supported third-party devices.

Make sure to check out the demo video below!

Shot Detection - When the Fusion Module is on and paired with your phone, Reactor's unique algorithm detects shots from all rifle calibers.
Automated Data Book - Forget your pen and paper? No problem. The Fusion Module pairs with the app to fill out your data book with all sorts of metrics you never knew you needed.
Cant, Inclination, and Heading - Bubble levels belong in the workshop. Get highly-accurate telemetry logged with every shot so you can see how your rifle's position affects your groups. 
Heads Up Display - Get a real-time view of your rifle's telemetry, along with weather and other information 
Weather - Get updated weather information fed directly into your app and logged with each shot.
Shot Map - See the locations of each of your shots and their impact points on a map.
Complete data integration and heads up display using Bluetooth and app.



  What’s Included in the Box  - Fusion Module (x1)
 - Your chosen mounting bracket (x1)
 - USB Type-C charge cable (x1)
 - Instructions
  Mounting Options  - M-Lok
 - Picatinny
  Battery  - 3.7 V 185 mAh Li-ion
 - Continual Usage: 9 hours
 - Standby: 13 days
  Sensors and Capabilities  - 50 kHz acceleration measurement at +/- 500 Gs
 - 50 kHz audio measurement
 - 9-DOF IMU
  Charging  - Charges via USB Type-C
 - Full charge in <2 hours
 - Capable of charging while shooting
  Wireless Capabilities  - Bluetooth Low Energy (v5.2)
  Ports  - USB Type-C
  Buttons  - 1 power control button
  Lights  - 2 full color status LEDs, one on each side of device for easy visibility by user
  Water and Dust Resistance    - The Fusion Module is water resistant, not water proof. Please don’t submerge it.
 - If the module is exposed to liquids, please ensure that the USB port is cleaned and dried before attempting to charge again.  
 - Do not charge if there is a risk of liquid entering the USB port. (E.g., rainy or muddy conditions)


Dimensions - 2.29 in x 0.95 in x 0.53 in



Warranty Information

Product Warranty - The Fusion Module is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects up to one year from the date of purchase. Product malfunctions caused by misuse will not be warrantied. Water Damage - The Fusion Module is water resistant, not waterproof. Use of the Fusion Module in adverse weather conditions like rain, wind, and snow is acceptable; however, submerging the Fusion Module in liquid, under any circumstances, will not be warrantied. The best practice is to avoid water in these areas altogether. Physical Damage - The Fusion Module is an electronic device with a circuit board and a battery. It is designed for the brief forces experienced during gun shots but is not guaranteed against damage from being thrown, dropped, crushed, or any other physical battery.